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My Cat is almost 16 yrs old and was having issues jumping up on things because of pain in his back close to the tail.  After the first Chiropractic treatment from Dr. Elizabeth Easterling he showed mush less pain and much more energy.  Little One has now been treated 3 times and he is jumping up on things again and acting like a kitten at almost 16 years old.  Thanks again Dr. Easterling you helped my cat with his back pain.

Thanks for help with Little One.

Todd Thompson



Our mini Dachshund, Heidi was totally paralyzed in her back end, so bad that she had no use of her back legs what so ever.  The vet's only solution was to perform surgery that would cost approximately $5000, with no assurance that it would be successful.  This was not even an option for us.

We heard about Dr. Easterling and her work with animals from a family member and decided to give her a chance to work on Heidi.  We were "amazed" after just a few visits.  Heidi started to regain feeling and use of her rear legs.  After about 10 visits Heidi was completely healed.  We take Heidi in every 6 weeks now, and we are diligent about preventing Heidi from jumping up and down from furniture or stairs.

We found Dr. Easterling to be very professional and caring.  We would strongly recommend to anyone with a dog in Heidi's condition to visit her first before trying surgery or putting your pet down.


Darrell & Lorraine Carmichael 

West Kelowna


September 30, 2015

In the summertime, our 6 year old standard poodle was exhibiting signs of pain.  She did not want to go up or down stairs.  She could not hop up onto the couch or bed.  She avoided all eye contact.  She was exhausted because she could not lay down on her side or in a sphinx position - so she was not able to rest or sleep.


Thankfully Dr. Easterling was able to see Breeze right away and after an initial consult ion, provided some chiropractic adjustments to Breeze's neck and her lower spine.  After the appointment, on the way home in the car, Breeze was actually able to lay down and have a sleep.  I knew at that moment that Breeze was beginning to recover.


We had quite a few more visits over the summer and Breeze continued to improve with each appointment.  This was a very successful treatment plan for Breeze and if in the future if we have a similar problem - we will be calling Dr. Easterling right away!


Throughout each appointment - Dr. Easterling was incredibly, kind, gentle and very caring with Breeze.  Dr. Easterling listened to my observations and was very, very attentive.  The office staff was also very helpful, professional and kind. 


We are so lucky to have Dr. Easterling as part of our medical community.



Catherine King