Creative Healing Chiropractic

Registered Massage Therapist

Maureen Murray-Kitson

"Maureen graduated from Darcy Lane Massage Therapy school in 1992 and has been passionate about massage therapy and its benefits ever since. She combines her skills of soft tissue work-both deep and light-to restore balance to muscle and connective tissue; gentle joint mobilization to help restore alignment; manual lymph drainage to calm the nervous system and reduce swelling, oedema and pain and core based rehab Pilates home care to support healing and posture. Her goal is to help you work toward restoring balance to the body, calming the mind, reducing pain and improving function and posture. She enjoys working with all ages and abilities, expectant and post natal moms, chronic pain patients, oedema patients, athletes of all abilities, acute and chronic injuries, chronic illness related issues and those who need health and wellness massage. Her many years of experience have given her the skill and knowledge to effectively treat the body to reduce pain, tension and stress and support the healing and changing body with intelligent and effective exercise.”