Creative Healing Chiropractic

Natural Health Practitioner



Dennis Barnett has been assisting clients with injuries, aging issues, traumas (both physical and emotional) and life coaching since 2005 when he became the first Quantum-Touch ®  Instructor in Western Canada. He has since enhanced his work with other healing modalities that include the adjustment of The Human Assemblage Point, Craniosacral Therapy, Color Light Therapy, Dowsing and much more.


Dennis specializes in creating health through revealing the underlying cause of the physical and emotional issues that arise for an individual. Through wisdom and intuition, Dennis supports each client with care to an understanding of what the body and the illness is showing / revealing for the client; then provides the therapy / therapies that create a  “full” state of health.  “I treat clients from young to the elderly with a variety of conditions from misalignment of hips, relieving chronic pain, alleviating stress and emotional trauma as well as removal of "negativity" in your being, life and or home.”


The healing modalities / therapies that Dennis uses will be a combination designed for you. After filling in the short intake form and having an initial consultation, Dennis will focus on wellness of the client rather than treatment of symptoms and use a range of techniques from age-old shamanic teaching to leading edge cold wave scalar lasers. These processes all honor the client and Dennis will provide a safe and confidential environment for you to come to balance and wellness so you have the ability to move forward in life.


Dennis Barnett

Natural Health Practitioner